Travel nursing
Travel nursing is a nursing assignment concept in which clinicians work on assignments mostly ranging from 8 to 16 weeks at various facilities throughout the year. Most of the times these assignments get extended based on the performance of the clinician, shortage of staff, and requirements at the facility.

For clinicians, traveling can be a permanent career choice, whereas others take on these assignments on a temporary basis. Clinicians work as travelers for various reasons. Some work for higher pay, few choose to do this as it gives them an opportunity to travel across the country; some like the flexibility it offers.

Clinicians are considered as a travel nurse if they generally travel at least 50 miles to the facility from their tax home.

At Vitana, we work with Registered Nurses (RNs) and Allied healthcare professionals of various specialties and departments and help them find jobs at facilities across the United States.

Please access all nursing and allied healthcare jobs across the US.

Local travel assignment
If your tax home address is less than 50 miles from the facility, it would be considered a local travel assignment. Under this designation, you will be taxed on all portions of your pay rather than receiving a non-taxable portion (Ask our recruiter if you have any questions)

Under the job posting description, you will find information if the facility accepts local travelers.

Each facility will vary on whether they accept local travelers. Some facilities do not allow local travelers at all.

Example language to look for in the job description:

  • “Facility will not accept candidates within a 50-mile radius”
  • “Facility does not accept Local Travelers”
  • “Must live further than 50 miles from the facility to be considered”
  • “Your tax home address must be 75 miles from this facility to be considered”
  • If you are local traveler, we recommend that you review the job description carefully, and only apply if local travelers are accepted.

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